Exploring Kuching – Planetarium Sultan Iskandar & Kuching Civic Center

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After spending quite some time and having our breakfast in Atap Street, we took a cab and headed over to Planetarium Sultan Iskandar.

This is the first planetarium in Malaysia.

Planetarium Sultan Iskandar

They displayed a short movie called “The Passport to Universe” which was narrated by Tom Hanks. The show would be displayed even if there is only 1 audience and the entrance fee is only RM 2 per pax. The visual is projected onto the white-domed ceiling and you kinda have to lean your head and body backwards in the revolving chair.

After the 20-minutes show, we walked over to Kuching Civic Center. It was a approximately 3-storey’s height complex and was designed to be somehow like an octagon-shaped tower with a 360 degree view of Kuching City. The scenery up there was breathtaking 😀 I took pictures of Kuching City from every angle of the tower like a mad person. I hope I didn’t miss any view worth for shooting.

#1 In the elevator, towards going up the highest floor

#2 Kuching Civic Center

#3 Kuching Civic Center

#4 Kuching Civic Center

#5 Kuching Civic Center

#6 Kuching Civic Center

#7 Kuching Civic Center

#8 Kuching Civic Center

#9 Kuching Civic Center

My friend ~ Seen

Me and the nice view

It was very quiet up there and I doubt there was anyone up there when we were running around the complex. Ok, enough with Kuching Civic Center.

Since the area was quite secluded and we could hardly see any cab around, we were trying to be adventurous and walked all the way down to the main street. The weather was super hot and we decided to stop by a small chinese stall located near the busy street for a cold drink. I had shaved ice again.


Seen's order - Sarawak Laksa

Nothing much to be seen here. We gave these places a try because it was listed on website as one of the must-visit historical places. It wasn’t cheap taking cab from one place to another. You should really consider renting a car if you wish to explore the whole Kuching City. 🙂


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Labour Day with Donnie

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1st of May 2010, my first labour day since i started to worker as labour engineer. Nothing special about today except that all the shopping malls were cramped with people and the roads were jammed with cars. I went to Tropicana Mall for movie today. I watched Iron Man 2 and Ip Man 2. These 2 movies were hot and high in demand. All the seats were taken, I guess the first part of these movies did quite well.

Let’s talk about Iron Man2 first. Hmm…Overall, the movie was okay. I rate 3.8 out of 5. I totally disagreed when my friend told me Scarlet Johansson was hot. I never thought that she was sexy until I saw her in the movie today. She was even hotter than Gwyneth Paltrow. However, I kinda prefer the first movie because it had more “wow” factor compared to the 2nd part of the movie. The iron man was still slutty as ever and finally he and his secretary got together, bravely fell in love with each other. Not much surprises, good guys won, bad guys died, hero saved leng lui. I only liked the end part of the movie where things got fired up a bit.

Ip Man 2. I rate 4.5 out of 5. This is one of the best chinese martial art films I’ve ever seen. Seriously, Donnie Yen was awesomely hot!!! I enjoyed the movie by just looking at him. haha, silly me. He was such as a good actor . Part of the reason I liked this movie was because Donnie Yen acted in it and the choreography was brilliantly designed 🙂  Sammi Sammo Hung did a great job in this movie as well. Frankly speaking, this movie and all the actors gave me a very good impression.I’m so running out of words to describe how good the movie was >.<

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April 29, 2010 at 1:13 pm (Uncategorized) ()

#1 oh magnificent rainbow

#2 another shot!

Saw rainbow on the way to work the other day. It was supposed to be another miserable day, at least that was my feeling when I  woke up in the morning. But who cares, the beauty of nature made my day 🙂

Awful life is like rain in a sunny day. There is still hope no matter how worse life is, just that the rain has blurred our vision for a brief moment. After the dreadful moment, life would be better than kena 4D. I have faith life is going to be awesome if I just bear with it now.

Life is a beautiful mess yet it is still wonderful 😀

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Trip to Penang

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Went to Penang for work last week. It was hectic but it was all good, to be away from someone. It was my 2nd visit to Penang since the last one, which was more than a decade ago. Can’t believe how old I am now…gosh!!!

Saw loads of tourists with huge backpack on their shoulders in the airport. They looked happy, with sun-tanned skin. How I wish I could be like them. If I have money now, I mean loads of money, I would leave my job w/o giving a second thought, buy a flight ticket and backpack for 6 months, I’d start with NZ.

IFs and BUTs are nothing if one doesn’t have the money to do so…sigh…

Anyways, it was my first experience boarding on a plane, I know, how jakun right.

#1 quick snap upon arrival at Penang airport

#2 I see sky and sea and land 😀

#3 nice dinner with KF at Autocity

#4 stayed in a shitty hotel with a so-so view from their rooftop cafe

It was a real shitty hotel, no mineral water inside the room, the bathroom is equipped with 2-in-1 hair & body shampoo, they have this really nostalgic black-and-white tv screen  – .- . I enjoyed being miserable during my stay there. Anyways, thank God I only spent my time sleeping there.

#5 random shot when i stopped at R&R on the way to kedah

#6 it was a nice tree 🙂

#7 ferry ride to Penang Island on 2nd day after work


Had a great time hanging out with KF, had a great time sight-seeing…too bad, my eyes couldn’t locked on any leng cai coz i found none!!! It’s great to be away from someone and familiar places 🙂

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Belated Birthday lunch with sis

July 7, 2009 at 3:39 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , )

Sometime ago, my sister treated me lunch at Fong Lye, The Gardens, as a celebration for my 23rd birthday. We intended to go sushi zanmai but there was a long queue and we decided to go Fong Lye instead. Anyways, what you do doesn’t matter that much as long as you do it with the person you love 🙂

We kinda had a feast la…haha

#1 our food!

#1 our food!

I ordered a set, something like pan mee style. My sis ordered her all-time favourite, mee suah and side orders, salted chicked and spring roll. Thumbs-up for the salted chicken 😀 You guys out there should give it a try, better than salted chicken in Little Taiwanese.

We saw Dylan, a tv host from 8tv in Fong Lye. He’s not that tall, at all. hehe^^

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