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Vanity, is excessive pride in one’s appearance and accomplishments. It is ego, in another word.

Why do people have so much pride? Just because of some achievement at work? Just because one got married and have a happy family and thought he/she is a very successful person? Why do people with so much ego do not know how to give at least some basic human respect to a human? Giving respect to a human being is one type of social responsibilities, too.

Everyone starts from zero. Everyone starts from nothing. Everyone basically goes thru the same process. So, why is there a need to feel that yourself are far more superior compared to others? You will end up f*cking your own life with your self-conceit.

Arrogance is nothing but a full scheme of stupidity.

To all the ego homo sapiens out there, you have done a great job in f*ucking your own life ūüėÄ



  1. Bryan Shiro said,

    Well, some people just started off well, with wealthy family or professional parents. These are really strong influence for a kid to grow up. It all depends on the up bringing, whether a person can be humble or egoistic.

    Just relax and do not be affected by other people’s action, whether it is egoistic or not, let not we judge, but let God do the judging. We have no rights in judging people about their lives and what they want to do with it. To them their egoistic path in our eyes might be bliss to them.

    • sam said,

      Well, whether or not they want to be egoistic, that is totally out of my control. I’m just a little fed up having to deal with this group of human.

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