Exploring Kuching – Atap Street

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After Brooke Memorial, we walked over to Atap Street.

Atap Street #1

Seriously, I love this street. It was a serene street and everything here was so ancient (in a good way :)). Most of the shops here were run by Chinese elders. I think they have been here since they were young. Maybe they have been here even since their grandparents or great grandparents’ time. Anyways, in my opinion, Chinese culture is very well-maintained here.


It was almost 11 a.m. when we reached Atap Street and we hadn’t had any food then. So, it was time for food hunting.

We had our first Kuching meal in this small shop

Shaved ice


Nyonya Kuih

After having our brunch, we walked along Atap Street. I had an indescribable feeling as we marched on and I took as many pictures as I could to capture my memories here. I was so glad I actually spent time exploring Atap Street. It was so much different from hectic streets in KL.

Atap Street #2

Atap Street #3

Atap Street #4

Atap Street #5

Atap Street #6 - It was just another weekend for the locals

My name!! I was quite famous eh :p


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