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I am LOST ~~~~


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Trip to Penang

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Went to Penang for work last week. It was hectic but it was all good, to be away from someone. It was my 2nd visit to Penang since the last one, which was more than a decade ago. Can’t believe how old I am now…gosh!!!

Saw loads of tourists with huge backpack on their shoulders in the airport. They looked happy, with sun-tanned skin. How I wish I could be like them. If I have money now, I mean loads of money, I would leave my job w/o giving a second thought, buy a flight ticket and backpack for 6 months, I’d start with NZ.

IFs and BUTs are nothing if one doesn’t have the money to do so…sigh…

Anyways, it was my first experience boarding on a plane, I know, how jakun right.

#1 quick snap upon arrival at Penang airport

#2 I see sky and sea and land 😀

#3 nice dinner with KF at Autocity

#4 stayed in a shitty hotel with a so-so view from their rooftop cafe

It was a real shitty hotel, no mineral water inside the room, the bathroom is equipped with 2-in-1 hair & body shampoo, they have this really nostalgic black-and-white tv screen  – .- . I enjoyed being miserable during my stay there. Anyways, thank God I only spent my time sleeping there.

#5 random shot when i stopped at R&R on the way to kedah

#6 it was a nice tree 🙂

#7 ferry ride to Penang Island on 2nd day after work


Had a great time hanging out with KF, had a great time sight-seeing…too bad, my eyes couldn’t locked on any leng cai coz i found none!!! It’s great to be away from someone and familiar places 🙂

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Mm hou jor kai la

March 22, 2010 at 2:44 pm (Uncategorized)

Everywhere you go, you pay tax.

When you go makan, restaurants charge you service and government taxes.

When you go sing k, they charge you service tax.

When you travel by flight, they charge you airport tax.

When you buy a house, you kena charge cukai pintu, cukai tanah and cukai “hang kui”. I don’t really get it, you bought a house built on a piece of measured land. That means, you paid for the contruction fees i.e. the house and the land you stay on. Why do we still pay cukai tanah every year anyway? That’s just a piece of miserable land for God’s sake.

When you buy a car, they charge you all sorts of taxes too.

You pay all these with your own wages, filthy money covered with blood and sweat. Now, you need to pay income tax every year. After all the bloody taxes that you’ve paid especially government tax that is charged when you purchase some items, why, WHY~~~~ do we still need to pay income tax!!!

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March 4, 2010 at 3:18 pm (Uncategorized) ()

it’s has been a while since i last updated this page.

didn’t have much thought to be shared. nothing was interesting about engineering life. life was like a straight line. i had a mundane life.

but recently, i’m so HENG~~~

accident on the 6th day of CNY, boss is giving me a hard time…nothing seems to be going right. so depressed, so stressed up. forced to do things out of my own will, day after day. people around me are getting more and more sarcastic. people said life is like a circle, i guess i’m at the down side of it now. life couldn’t be any worse.

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