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1st WANT

You know what happens when a balloon burst?

It releases a loud sound, giving alarm to the people around it.

You know why does a balloon burst?

Because it receives excessive amount of pressure or it expands due to increase in temperature.

Do you know what am I trying to say here?

  • The balloon bursts not of it’s own accord
  • The balloon is innocent

I AM THE BALLOON (just that I am yet to burst)

I rather that I am a steel ball. Instead of absorbing the pressure and temperature to myself like a balloon, I release it to the people around me. If I were a high speed steel ball, I could be like a bullet. If I were a high temperature steel ball, I could disperse the heat to whoever touches it, make them jump up and down with hot hands.

2nd WANT

Why do I keep getting orders from people around me?

Why do I have to make them happy?

Why aren’t anyone making me happy?

Why am I the one to do what a clown is supposed to do and not somebody else?

Why am I the one who have to do stuffs to satisfy others needs?

If I were to have a remote control, I would like to have one that could control people. Tell them to do as I want.


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Vanity, is excessive pride in one’s appearance and accomplishments. It is ego, in another word.

Why do people have so much pride? Just because of some achievement at work? Just because one got married and have a happy family and thought he/she is a very successful person? Why do people with so much ego do not know how to give at least some basic human respect to a human? Giving respect to a human being is one type of social responsibilities, too.

Everyone starts from zero. Everyone starts from nothing. Everyone basically goes thru the same process. So, why is there a need to feel that yourself are far more superior compared to others? You will end up f*cking your own life with your self-conceit.

Arrogance is nothing but a full scheme of stupidity.

To all the ego homo sapiens out there, you have done a great job in f*ucking your own life ūüėÄ

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it’s not about you

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Life is always about people around us. Life is never about us. Sad to say but that’s how life goes about.

At work, you need to make your colleagues’ life easier. You need to perform to make your boss satisfy with what you do so that his boss will happy. You can’t show your temper to your colleagues or boss. You can’t say no when your colleagues or boss ask you a favour. When problems arise, you need to clean up the mess because the company pay you to do so. When you do well, nobody will say anything, but when you don’t perform up to your superior’s expectations, the only thing you get is blame from everyone.¬† Seriously, no one will appreciate you except your family/close friends/people who give you a few cents of respects. Only when others are happy, then your life will be easy. In life, you always come last until you are successful to become an important and irreplaceable person. Then everyone will start to worship you. This is not surprising at all because humans are really that realistic. We just have to get used to it.

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it’s has been a while since i last updated this page.

didn’t have much thought to be shared. nothing was interesting about engineering life. life was like a straight line. i had a mundane life.

but recently, i’m so HENG~~~

accident on the 6th day of CNY, boss is giving me a hard time…nothing seems to be going right. so depressed, so stressed up. forced to do things out of my own will, day after day. people around me are getting more and more sarcastic. people said life is like a circle, i guess i’m at the down side of it now. life couldn’t be any worse.

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Crappy post

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It’s been quite some time huh.



Recently my car was hit by a RapidKL bus. The driver just went off without giving a damn with what he had done. I called the LPKP to file a complain on the bus driver. They told me to make a police report so that they could proceed with my complain. Curiously, I asked whether I would get any compensation if I follow their advices. They told me, at most, the driver will get a summon and compensation for the damage I suffered would be very unlikely to happen. No wonder the driver drove off without giving a shit. I seriously and sternly advise RapidKL or whosoever involved in handling these cases to revise their standard operating procedure. I believe there are a lot of victims like me out there, who voiced out but are ignored.

Third week into working life now….Everything is going well. I am perfectly fine. My bosses kinda have high expectation on me and I am trying very hard to perform well. I know, there’s only one chance and I can’t afford to screw up.

Life is normal. Other than working, I really can’t control how¬†stuffs are to happen.¬†¬†Sigh, stupid emotions and feelings, and the brain is kinda useless¬†in taking¬†charge of the thinking…Arghh…moodiness is killing me!

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