Life is wonderful and a beautiful mess

September 4, 2009 at 6:45 am (Uncategorized) ()

Life is short, in a sense, that’s why, while we are still living, we must cherish what we have.

 I always believe no pain, no gain. Since I have started working, I have learnt not to take things for granted. I learnt not to regret with the decisions I have made. Once I decided to go my own way, I do my best so that I am good at what I do. I am not a motivator or influencer; I am just trying to be better than what people expect me to do, to be ideal in exact. I know what I want to be, and I am being true to myself.

 Sometimes in life, we ask ourselves and other people tonnes of questions. We can only find true solutions when we are true to ourselves. Nobody knows us better other than ourselves. I do agree that there are a lot of struggles in life. Struggles that come from anxieties, uncertainties, and problems that is out of our control, and etc. Sometimes, I feel tired from all these struggles and hurdles. I used to think that everyone is trying to put me in difficult situations, making my life hard. But it’s not true at all. We are frustrated and stressful when facing problems because we are not good enough. I am not saying that we need to be perfect or be 100% at what we do. If human were perfect, why is there God in this world? Always learn from mistakes, embarrassing moments and even when people betray you. Learn to be a wise man, not a whiner. I always give myself a 2nd chance, so that I can improve and not be the same person as I used to be.

 Be the kindest person towards yourself. It doesn’t matter if no one appreciates you, as long as you appreciate yourself, you don’t have to give a shit what people do to you or your efforts. I think it’s really stupid to be sad when people let you down. They don’t feel a thing, why put yourself to suffer while you are just a nobody to someone. If that person really cherishes you, he/she won’t do something to hurt you. I am still learning not to be stupid in this sense, after all, without emotions, we ain’t human. Sometimes, I express my likes and hates readily because I am being true to myself. I don’t want to regret for not expressing what I feel and what I am. The disappointment might be huge sometimes because we bear the consequences of what we do but bigger disappointment makes us move on faster. We can’t stay in our status quo for too long, life can’t be stagnant. Lake water is always dirty because it is stagnant. Being stagnant means we are accumulating all the bad and unhappy memories. Don’t be cruel to yourself, make yourself a happy person.

Be true to yourself, after all, life is wonderful and a beautiful mess 🙂


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