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1st WANT

You know what happens when a balloon burst?

It releases a loud sound, giving alarm to the people around it.

You know why does a balloon burst?

Because it receives excessive amount of pressure or it expands due to increase in temperature.

Do you know what am I trying to say here?

  • The balloon bursts not of it’s own accord
  • The balloon is innocent

I AM THE BALLOON (just that I am yet to burst)

I rather that I am a steel ball. Instead of absorbing the pressure and temperature to myself like a balloon, I release it to the people around me. If I were a high speed steel ball, I could be like a bullet. If I were a high temperature steel ball, I could disperse the heat to whoever touches it, make them jump up and down with hot hands.

2nd WANT

Why do I keep getting orders from people around me?

Why do I have to make them happy?

Why aren’t anyone making me happy?

Why am I the one to do what a clown is supposed to do and not somebody else?

Why am I the one who have to do stuffs to satisfy others needs?

If I were to have a remote control, I would like to have one that could control people. Tell them to do as I want.


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