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#1 oh magnificent rainbow

#2 another shot!

Saw rainbow on the way to work the other day. It was supposed to be another miserable day, at least that was my feeling when I  woke up in the morning. But who cares, the beauty of nature made my day 🙂

Awful life is like rain in a sunny day. There is still hope no matter how worse life is, just that the rain has blurred our vision for a brief moment. After the dreadful moment, life would be better than kena 4D. I have faith life is going to be awesome if I just bear with it now.

Life is a beautiful mess yet it is still wonderful 😀


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Read: Tuesdays with Morrie

April 24, 2010 at 2:01 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

This is a non-fiction book, written by Mitchell Albom (known as Mitch in the book) about those final days he spent with his dying lecturer. In this book, Mitch Albom recorded down the lessons he learnt about life and death from his beloved lecturer. Prof Morrie Schwartz was a sociology lecturer back in the university where Mitch earned his degree. Sixteen years after Mitch graduated, by chance, he got to know that his lecturer was diagnosed with a deadly illness called ALS. During the time, Mitch was a very successful columnist where he devoted all his time into his career, buried his childhood ambition to become a pianist. He was lost. Soon, when he visited his lecturer, he was taught by Morrie, the greatest lessons about life.

This book has greatly touched me. It taught me more about life. There were important things that I didn’t realize it matter so much to me before I read the book. One of the chapters that had a great impact on me was about “Forgiveness”. Morrie said that we should forgive ourselves and then forgive others before we die. There were countless times where we did something that made us regret when we looked back after a while. People always said time flies. It’s true and we can never go back to what have been done or happened in the past. My dad has passed away some time ago, when I was still a student. I could have seen him for one last time if it was not because of my decision to earn some extra money during semester break. I regretted about what had happened and sometimes blamed myself for the decision made. I couldn’t get it over with. I cried terribly after I comprehended what Morrie said.

Morrie also told us to commit our time to create something that gives us purpose and meaning in life. Most of the time, we are too occupied with our jobs and often neglect our spiritual needs/ family. Our culture has taught us to earn money, get rich, own a car, own a house and enjoy early retirement. Most of us have been blinded with worldly materials. Of course, to be able to survive in the society, I must admit that we, sometimes, have to go with the flow of the culture. Morrie said we must be strong enough to stand alone and against the perspective of the culture. I have to agree to Morrie on this. The culture has taught me about the importance of money and I still can’t let go of this. I was struggling when I read this part. I’m not strong enough to go against the culture or I should say I’m still in the quest of finding purpose and meaning of life.

It’s such a great book and it really enlightens me in certain areas of my life. It makes me cherish my life even more nowadays. At the same time, I find myself very miserable because I have wasted almost 24 years not doing what I’m supposed to do. This world would be a happier place if we don’t have to achieve what we are pursuing now.

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Last Saturday

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Went out with a friend to see a movie last Saturday. We watched When in Rome. The movie was alright. A typical romantic comedy with a typical happy ending. Nothing much to be analysed or commented. Went for nice japanese food after movie at Tokyo G 🙂





#5 Green tea ice cream 😀

After that we did some shopping. I got myself something I wanted to try out some time ago…hehe^^

#6 SK-II starter kit

Got some nice food from my sister’s trip to Melaka as well…

#7 pineapple tarts

#8 fabulicious siew pao!!

Just a piece of bliss I found in my miserable life lately.

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A listener

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Just barely staying alive is kind of difficult.

Life is even more difficult if one’s feelings go unheard.

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it’s not about you

April 18, 2010 at 2:39 pm (Uncategorized) ()

Life is always about people around us. Life is never about us. Sad to say but that’s how life goes about.

At work, you need to make your colleagues’ life easier. You need to perform to make your boss satisfy with what you do so that his boss will happy. You can’t show your temper to your colleagues or boss. You can’t say no when your colleagues or boss ask you a favour. When problems arise, you need to clean up the mess because the company pay you to do so. When you do well, nobody will say anything, but when you don’t perform up to your superior’s expectations, the only thing you get is blame from everyone.  Seriously, no one will appreciate you except your family/close friends/people who give you a few cents of respects. Only when others are happy, then your life will be easy. In life, you always come last until you are successful to become an important and irreplaceable person. Then everyone will start to worship you. This is not surprising at all because humans are really that realistic. We just have to get used to it.

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