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Vanity, is excessive pride in one’s appearance and accomplishments. It is ego, in another word.

Why do people have so much pride? Just because of some achievement at work? Just because one got married and have a happy family and thought he/she is a very successful person? Why do people with so much ego do not know how to give at least some basic human respect to a human? Giving respect to a human being is one type of social responsibilities, too.

Everyone starts from zero. Everyone starts from nothing. Everyone basically goes thru the same process. So, why is there a need to feel that yourself are far more superior compared to others? You will end up f*cking your own life with your self-conceit.

Arrogance is nothing but a full scheme of stupidity.

To all the ego homo sapiens out there, you have done a great job in f*ucking your own life 😀


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Labour Day with Donnie

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1st of May 2010, my first labour day since i started to worker as labour engineer. Nothing special about today except that all the shopping malls were cramped with people and the roads were jammed with cars. I went to Tropicana Mall for movie today. I watched Iron Man 2 and Ip Man 2. These 2 movies were hot and high in demand. All the seats were taken, I guess the first part of these movies did quite well.

Let’s talk about Iron Man2 first. Hmm…Overall, the movie was okay. I rate 3.8 out of 5. I totally disagreed when my friend told me Scarlet Johansson was hot. I never thought that she was sexy until I saw her in the movie today. She was even hotter than Gwyneth Paltrow. However, I kinda prefer the first movie because it had more “wow” factor compared to the 2nd part of the movie. The iron man was still slutty as ever and finally he and his secretary got together, bravely fell in love with each other. Not much surprises, good guys won, bad guys died, hero saved leng lui. I only liked the end part of the movie where things got fired up a bit.

Ip Man 2. I rate 4.5 out of 5. This is one of the best chinese martial art films I’ve ever seen. Seriously, Donnie Yen was awesomely hot!!! I enjoyed the movie by just looking at him. haha, silly me. He was such as a good actor . Part of the reason I liked this movie was because Donnie Yen acted in it and the choreography was brilliantly designed 🙂  Sammi Sammo Hung did a great job in this movie as well. Frankly speaking, this movie and all the actors gave me a very good impression.I’m so running out of words to describe how good the movie was >.<

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