Exploring Kuching – Atap Street

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After Brooke Memorial, we walked over to Atap Street.

Atap Street #1

Seriously, I love this street. It was a serene street and everything here was so ancient (in a good way :)). Most of the shops here were run by Chinese elders. I think they have been here since they were young. Maybe they have been here even since their grandparents or great grandparents’ time. Anyways, in my opinion, Chinese culture is very well-maintained here.


It was almost 11 a.m. when we reached Atap Street and we hadn’t had any food then. So, it was time for food hunting.

We had our first Kuching meal in this small shop

Shaved ice


Nyonya Kuih

After having our brunch, we walked along Atap Street. I had an indescribable feeling as we marched on and I took as many pictures as I could to capture my memories here. I was so glad I actually spent time exploring Atap Street. It was so much different from hectic streets in KL.

Atap Street #2

Atap Street #3

Atap Street #4

Atap Street #5

Atap Street #6 - It was just another weekend for the locals

My name!! I was quite famous eh :p


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Exploring Kuching – Brooke Memorial

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I visited Kuching some time ago back in June 2011, on my birthday week. It’s kinda considered as my first trip after stepping into working life. It’s a woman’s nature to overspend, that’s why I only have limited budget to travel locally. Anyways, Kuching is a good place to travel 🙂

The city is not too hectic, in fact, it was quite peaceful and quiet during the weekends (as described by the taxi drivers in Kuching).

View from 360 Hotel

My friend and I stayed at 360 Hotel for the whole trip. It was not strategically located and most of the places we visited weren’t within walking distances. Nevertheless, it was a good hotel 🙂

We started first day with Brooke Memorial.

Brooke Memorial (facing Kuching Waterfront)

This historical place has turned into a flea market where the locals sell souvenirs to tourists.

Muka Sir Charles Brooke

my mug next to a white mug

Volkswagens were displayed in front of Brooke Memorial too.

Nice ride

Kinda reminded me of my lil' red Myvi 🙂

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I’m back

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I’m back…well, kinda. It has been quite some time since I last updated my blog and I kinda miss throwing-my-feeling-into-the-public here.

Life hasn’t changed as much as I hope it would be. I had literally given up my life since a few months ago. This job has plunged me into another hell. I didn’t have a choice but to stay put. After being hit by the reality for who knows how many times, I finally know how stupid it is to have faith in people and being betrayed and disappointed over and over again.

At some point of my life, I hope that my life would be taken away by a car accident. This saves all the hassle to buy drugs. God answered “No” heralded it is not ‘the’ time yet.

What I really want at this point of my life is a new job with better pay so I can gain more financial freedom and realize plans I have for my life.

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When life’s getting nowhere

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Life has been a roller coaster ride so far. Met different kind of people since I started working. Life has really taught me a great lesson, especially when I met those ridiculous person who were so full of themselves.

I feel the older I get, the lonelier I am. Everyone started from the same point, growing through experiencing stuffs. Whatever decision made at a turning point might affect one’s future greatly. Being in the position where I always torn being options, not knowing which path could lead me to what kind of future…fuh…I thought I encountered that countless of times.

When I was doing my application to enroll in local uni, I thought life was just about making choices, following what my heart tells me to do. I guess I wasn’t matured enough and I saw the world as a safe place. Silly as I was, I was yet to know the world and the people living on it.

I started to know true faces of people when I studied in uni. In uni, I met different kind of people. I thought I had enough, but they were just a small group of different people that I came across when I was a student. Stepping into working life, I met alot more different kind of people. People who like to boss some other people around, people who would do whatever it takes to achieve something, people who said stuff with hidden meaning, people who don’t give a damn about you, people who talk cock about how much they earn, people who comment about whatever you do, people with two faces, people who treat you sincerely. There are a lot more to learn. Sometimes, when dealing with these people, it made me feel tired, wondering why am I doing what I am doing.

When I was a student, I wanted to work so much. I thought of earning, spending my own money, and be happy. When I started to work, I wanted to be a student pulak. I think this is what people called ‘fan jin’. Almost 1 year into working life, I am already so exhausted. Exhausted for having to see the people I don’t wanna deal with, exhausted for having to bear greater responsibilities, exhausted for having to suffer my unhappy feeling and don’t know who could I turn to, exhausted for I couldn’t find a person who can understand me, exhausted for all the emotion uproar, exhausted for having to anticipate how my future gonna look like. Sometimes being in my status quo, doing what I am supposed or expected to do just isn’t enough. Why couldn’t life be perfect? Because we are not perfect, the earth itself isn’t perfect.

Sometimes I wonder why does God create human? Why did He create us with unexpected brain capacity? It makes human so unlimited, but at the same time so limited. We can achieve great things in life with some extraordinary ideas, like stepping on the surface of the moon. Yet, we can be so limited, not be able to decide most of the things that we came across, like choosing who we like to deal with, choosing when we are going to die.

Even your best friend, a selfish person, can be selfish to you, treat you like treating any other people. Having people to appreciate yourself, your existence, what you do, I think you can’t hope too much. I think I’ll be happier hoping nothing in return when I give to others. I think I’ll be even happier when I develop no feeling towards things, people and stuff.

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Read: Tuesdays with Morrie

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This is a non-fiction book, written by Mitchell Albom (known as Mitch in the book) about those final days he spent with his dying lecturer. In this book, Mitch Albom recorded down the lessons he learnt about life and death from his beloved lecturer. Prof Morrie Schwartz was a sociology lecturer back in the university where Mitch earned his degree. Sixteen years after Mitch graduated, by chance, he got to know that his lecturer was diagnosed with a deadly illness called ALS. During the time, Mitch was a very successful columnist where he devoted all his time into his career, buried his childhood ambition to become a pianist. He was lost. Soon, when he visited his lecturer, he was taught by Morrie, the greatest lessons about life.

This book has greatly touched me. It taught me more about life. There were important things that I didn’t realize it matter so much to me before I read the book. One of the chapters that had a great impact on me was about “Forgiveness”. Morrie said that we should forgive ourselves and then forgive others before we die. There were countless times where we did something that made us regret when we looked back after a while. People always said time flies. It’s true and we can never go back to what have been done or happened in the past. My dad has passed away some time ago, when I was still a student. I could have seen him for one last time if it was not because of my decision to earn some extra money during semester break. I regretted about what had happened and sometimes blamed myself for the decision made. I couldn’t get it over with. I cried terribly after I comprehended what Morrie said.

Morrie also told us to commit our time to create something that gives us purpose and meaning in life. Most of the time, we are too occupied with our jobs and often neglect our spiritual needs/ family. Our culture has taught us to earn money, get rich, own a car, own a house and enjoy early retirement. Most of us have been blinded with worldly materials. Of course, to be able to survive in the society, I must admit that we, sometimes, have to go with the flow of the culture. Morrie said we must be strong enough to stand alone and against the perspective of the culture. I have to agree to Morrie on this. The culture has taught me about the importance of money and I still can’t let go of this. I was struggling when I read this part. I’m not strong enough to go against the culture or I should say I’m still in the quest of finding purpose and meaning of life.

It’s such a great book and it really enlightens me in certain areas of my life. It makes me cherish my life even more nowadays. At the same time, I find myself very miserable because I have wasted almost 24 years not doing what I’m supposed to do. This world would be a happier place if we don’t have to achieve what we are pursuing now.

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