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Humans’ eyes always look around, looking for something nice to see. Like for guys, they tend to look around until their visions are locked on leng luis. For girls, they look around, hope to find leng chais to cuci mata or what other girls wear.This is a cruel fact, ok, no doubt on that.

I went to site as per usual today.

I would normally drive very slowly when I’m in the vicinity of the construction site as the road is fulled of potholes. Sayang my myvi ma…hehe^^

Today, as I was entering the site, I was driving so slowly, looking around, see got muscular man or not.*kidding 2x* Suddenly, something shiny half buried into the muddy road caught my special attention. I thought that shiny little thing was a piece of gold (my wildest imagination). As I drove further, and that object became nearer to me, yuan lai, it was a power root ali cafe tin, thrown onto the ground by some workers there. Ceh, tot I jap dou kam, mana tau, yat cheung fun hei yat cheung hong. Believe me, anybody can thought that object was a piece of gold. You will understand why…

this is the view of the tin i saw by the muddy roadside as i was approaching it

far away view of the tin by the roadside

You see…the tin in 2nd pic does look like a piece of gold isn’t?


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I dialed 999

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Seriously…this woman har i.e.¬† me “(

Whenever I need to make a phone call, I need to press button’9′ before I proceed to dial the phone number.

Today I was supposed to call a contractor on site to confirm that my fax had been received. The number was 03-9*******. Since I was dialing from Klang Valley area, I can omit the ’03’. I called more than 5 times, the line was either engaged or nobody picked up the call. I got a bit carried away after that. Being frustrated I couldn’t get to talk to that contractor, I dialed too fast and press the ‘9’ button consecutively for 3 times. Anyway, I was unaware of that until somebody said,” Hello, talian kecemasan, boleh saya bantu??”

I was so shocked that I was dumbfounded for nanosecond. I said sorry and quickly hung up. I was so worried that they’d think that was a prank. Suddenly I recalled that they can traced back calls. I was terrified and became numb for a while.

I waited and stared at the phone, fear that they would call back and give me some punishment or whatever.

1 second…the phone didn’t ring

30 seconds…the phone still didn’t ring

1 minute…it was still silent

5 minutes…phone remained silent and I was still staring at the phone

10 minutes…I knew I was safe….

Phew…I was relieved finally, it was alrightee…

For the rest of the day, I was so careful when I made calls, not to repeat the same mistake again!!!

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So far…

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It’s Friday again!!! Working adults love Fridays, don” they? But I love every day of my life ūüôā

The working hour at my workplace is 8 to 4 every Friday. That’s great as I can avoid all the traffic jams on my way back home. I have worked as Project engineer for 3 days now. So far so good.

#1 my cubicle

This is my table. The place where I almost fall asleep everyday when reading HTM 2022, my new-found ‘bible’ -.-

Got my safety shoes and helmet on the first day.

#2 my safety shoes. size 4-male grade is still too big for me -.-

#3 leng leng engineer

#4 the 'sleeping pill'

Receiving freebies feel good. But, the more freebies I get, the tighter my schedule gets. My boss gave me a few tasks on the first day I started working. I went to site, prepared project progress report and made a presentation within these 3 days. I also went through a series of induction and technical training. Being a new staff in my workplace, I didn’t expect to go through so much. But I am happy coz at least my time is not wasted in not learning. I also received new assignments, due next Tuesday and Thursday…edgy…

It has been raining for a few days now, so was this afternoon. Puddles of mud water were found everywhere I went when I visited the site.

I could hardly find any girls there. More than 97% of the workers there are men. Almost everyone is smoking. I have to walk faster with bigger paces, talk like a guy and stand like a guy. Everyone treats me nicely because I’m a girl, which is good also la…hehe

Being an engineer is not as scary as my friends described.

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