Internetless life

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My house’s internet was terminated yesterday. This is one of the bad consequences when exams are over. Sigh, I kinda feel sad about it.

  • No more boo-ing my friends on facebook
  • no more stalking leng chais on facebook
  • no more blog hopping
  • no more Webster-ing
  • no more chatting on MSN
  • no more youtube-ing

My life used to revolved around the internet although streamyx sucks a big hell of time.

Yesterday night, I took out my amplifier, plugged it to my laptop, and turned on the music as loud as I wanted it to be. Ahhh~~~ it felt great listening to musics at the volume of my desire. Musics will compensate the internet for now.




The mini Super Woofer did a great job at cheering my dull life up

The mini Super Woofer did a great job at cheering my dull life up

Since my house is internetless, I think I’m gonna hone my skill in photography as someone said I suck at taking good pictures. I’ll treat it as my alternate career if no engineering firms want me. hehe^^

This is a pic I took some times ago. I’ve got the potential, don’t I?


Captured a jet flying across the cloudless blue sky

BTW, I had a Volkswagen Golf GTI ride yesterday. It was great. I was mesmerized at its stability even when going at 120 km/hr. It accelerates from a halt to 100 km/hr in like 5 seconds, comfortable leather seats, spacious interior, looks cool on the road, and most importantly fuel economic. Wow! I must work hard and get one myself. Frankly speaking, Germany cars are waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than Japanese cars. Don’t even mention about local cars.

The first car belongs to my friend :)

The first car belongs to my friend 🙂

Tonight is gonna be another unbearable night…Sigh

I think I’m gonna receive complains for playing musics too loud from my neighbours soon.


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My little Blackle

April 20, 2009 at 6:58 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

Virtually everyone in this world uses computer, be it desktop or notebook. This sums up to trillions and zillions of power consumption, which is higher than mountains and deeper than seas OMG-ish.

Recently, there is a black version of Google search engine which is an energy saving search engine. The black version of Google search engine is called Blackle.

Blackle saves energy because the screen is displayed in black colour, thus the monitor requires less power to display it compare to white screen.

Let’s do something for ourselves then.

Set Blackle as your homepage. In this way, you will save up a little bit of energy every time you load your internet browser.

For those using Mozilla, go to Tools…Option…and click Current page

For IE user, go to Tools…Internet Option…and click Current page.

Just some simple steps to major energy saving efforts


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Fixing hair clip

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The weather was freaking hot. I was forcing myself to study although I was not in the mood to even have a glance at my book. Been studying this Geankoplis text book for days and I couldn’t believe that I was still in the same chapter. I was reading about drying processes and equipments, where people use hot air/steam to dry stuffs. The more I read about using hot air, the hotter I got. My fringes was giving me a hard time. It kept falling down and blocked my views no matter how many times I tucked it behind my ears. Sigh, I decided to clip the fringes and pull my hair up and had another clip at the end of my hair.

I was searching frantically for my hair clips. My study table was in a mess, with all the papers and pens thrown here and there. Hadn’t had the time to clean up my clustered table. Finally, I found it under the tonnes of papers. I pulled my hair backwards and wanted to clip it, then


Damn, the clip broke into 4 pieces

broken hair clip

broken hair clip

Every time this happened, I would throw away the clip. I didn’t know why I had the mood to fix it albeit I was kinda irked by the book I was reading and the hot weather.

I then took my own sweet time trying to fix it, with the help of tweezers. And finally,


one piece

one piece


It was fixed and I was a happy person.

At last, the hoard I kept for engineering tuition fees finally paid off. 4 years of engineering education weren’t for nothing. I must admit that theoretically, my engineering knowledge is approximately zero but practically, I could at least fix a hair clip. LOL

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Being judged

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During these 4 years in uni, there were so many times which I was being judged by others and so many times which I used to judge people.

I was always claimed by others, especially by my so-called “close friends” among my coursemates as a “cold-blooded” and selfish person. Their definition of “cold-blooded” and selfish are not feeling sympathetic when some other coursemates overspent their loan and almost not having enough to eat, when I release non-chalant air over others’ personal affairs/businesses/problems, and when I don’t give a damn after someone always/try soooooooo hard to seek for my advise but not willing to accept it and keep bothering me with their problems. My close friends wouldn’t think me as this way/as the way my coursemates had claimed me to be. I always think that minding my own business is more than enough. I always mind my own business so that others won’t take me as a busybody person. I couldn’t believe that leading my life this way would give others the idea that I’m a “cold-blooded” person.

I always say “Whatever” or “As long as you are happy” when I don’t really wanna care about others’ businesses/affairs. The mouths are theirs, they could talk whatever they want. The brains are theirs, they could think what they want. The bodies are theirs, they could do what they want. The life are theirs, they could decide to do what they want. Who am I to care so much/stop someone from doing what please them greatly? I couldn’t believe that saying “Whatever” and “As long as you are happy” would lead others to think that I’m nothing but a very very rude girl. I think it’s perfectly fine to say these.

Some claimed that I don’t give a person a second chance when he/she did something wrong. I always give someone a second chance provided that he/she really repents. Why should I waste time/waste my energy to even believe that a person would change when he/she never even once think himself/herself did wrongly in the first place??

Some also claimed that I’m a calculative person. Yeah, I count every 5 cents, every 1 buck you owe me. Am I really that kind of person? Please think again since when I did that. Being one of the many people who has car among my coursemates, I’m sometimes the driver when a group of friends go out. Have I ever demanded my petrol money from you? Have I ever demanded you to pay the parking ticket? Have you ever shown any of your sky-high appreciation to the lowly efforts of the drivers(not only me, also those who always drive)? People always take those who drive for granted, as if those who have cars memang have to drive and this is their destiny. Whatever, think what you guys like.

Here, I would like to thank all my friends who have helped me when my car got stolen last year. Thanks to Tian Yuh who called me and consoled me on the phone for almost 2 hours (I wonder how much she had to pay for the phone bills), Meng Her who somehow helped me to curse the thief, Yu Li who consoled me on MSN. Also many thanks to Ing Hua, Sheng wa, Keng Sern, Stacey, Hui San, Tee Hui and Kit How whom gave me a ride to fac and home. I really appreciate their help. I’m not that kind of person who forgets those have ever lend me a pair of helping hands when I’m in need. I didn’t have any intentions to neglect my friends who had helped me but somehow got drifted away by some unimportant matters/stuffs when I got my car. My fault for giving some people that kind of thoughts. Literally said, what used to seem important to me aren’t that important to me at all, at this stage of life.

I guess I evolved again. This time, a clean-cut evolution. Yeah, I’m still being denial once in a while, a good way to console myself when I encounter some unexpected and unwanted obstacles. But I’m not gonna let those unimportant and unreal opinions/stuffs to bug me anymore. It’s time to take a big pace and leave my old life behind again 🙂

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Lunch at Fong Lye

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I went to KL to settle some stuff today. I also met my sister and she treated me a nice lunch at Fong Lye Restaurant. The restaurant is situated in Jalan Imbi. Fong Lye is a Taiwanese Restaurant and this is not the first time I had my meal at Fong Lye. Nonetheless, this is the first time I ate at Fong Lye in Jalan Imbi. They have another branch in The Gardens.

Fong Lye in The Gardens offers meals in sets while Fong Lye in Jalan Imbi offers foods in ala carte style.

Talking about Fong Lye in Jalan Imbi…

The thing I like the most about this restaurant is their service. I rate their service 5/5. The waiters are really polite and quite attentive, I must say.

The foods were nice. We ordered ordinary fried noodles (I forgot the name), oyster omelette, and fried mixed vege (I forgot the name,too). Didn’t take any picture of the dishes though.

Although it was just an ordinary fried noodles, the taste wasn’t that ordinary at all. I hadn’t had such a delicious fried noodles in a long time. So, two thumbs-up! 🙂 The omelette was all good as well. The chef gave a few whole oysters and the oysters were reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally big. The fried mixed vege was tasty too, comparable to my mom’s cooking. lols. The chef put in a lot of asparagus, water chesnuts, carrots, sweet peas and some crunchy baked nuts on top of it. Overall, the foods were nice 🙂

They also served us tea in delicate tea cups and teapot. I guess they really emphasis on tea art. If you have been to Fong Lye in The Gardens, you should notice that they also serve tea in unique cups and teapot 🙂

The cup and the teapot

The cup and the teapot

my cup :)

my cup 🙂

After we sapu all the foods on the table, they served us with concentrated lemonade in small cups *me thinks it’s lemonade coz of its sweety-sourish taste* It was refreshing.

This branch also has a cosy environment although it’s not as big as the one at The Gardens. All in all, they left me with quite a good impression 😀

I’ll for sure go back and bong chan again 🙂

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