tiger and tigress

November 19, 2009 at 11:35 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

The great news is, I got an offer from MOX to become an engineer.

When I attended the 2nd interview at MOX, I saw a girl and a guy who also went for the interview. I was scared because, THERE’S A GUY!!! He was not just a guy, but a good looking guy who seemed to be the perfect candidate and he definitely looked caliber and smart (as in smart, literally). The fact was, I was scared of competition from a guy. Stupid but true. Male candidates are always given more priority than female candidates.

 Male engineer is like a piece of famous amos cookie. He smells nice and all those mouth-watering chocolate chips can be seen on the surface. But if you consume it further, he still taste like the first-bite famous amos cookie. Female engineer is like a double egg yolk mooncake. She looks nice to be consumed but if you dig deeper, there’s something great about her. One can occasionally find a third egg yolk. The fact is, everybody likes famous amos but only certain people like mooncake.

 Male engineer is like a pair of sport shoes. Sport shoes look sporty, comfortable and suitable for all walks of life. Female engineer is like a pair of high heels. One needs some skill to able to wear high heels in order to feel comfortable with it. Having said this means that female engineer has her tender and delicate side if one is willing to get to know her. The fact is, not everyone could wear and would buy high heels.

 Silly me. I guess I think too much. LOL.

 Ps: I think my ability to memorise stuffs is getting worse and my level of understanding is dropping below the par. Is there anything to save my brain from drowning in the Pacific Ocean???



  1. gal said,

    happy to hear tat ur new chapter beginning soon.. gambateh !!

    • sam said,

      thanks 🙂
      hope yours will begin soon too

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