a new chapter, soon

November 18, 2009 at 5:02 am (Uncategorized) ()

I passed my resignation letter to HR department and my immediate boss yesterday. I was glad that I could finally resign this job. Another chapter is going to be closed soon. This job is ok just that it’s not what I want. I feel that I can go further doing other type of job. Initially I told myself that I wanted to give myself at least 5 months to find out whether the job was suitable for me and vice versa. It’s useless, 3rd month into working, I felt that I was being mistreated. I felt that I was directionless, a similar situation that I faced when I was a university student. I didn’t have a chance to choose back then but not anymore. Thus, I was determined to find a new job, a better and more challenging job, to be exact. I didn’t get much support from my family and friends in the beginning when I announced that I wanted a new job. Eventually, decision had to be made and it was mine. I had faith in myself and I still do. I think faith has brought me somewhere 🙂

 I was thrown out of my comfort zone for the past few weeks, by myself. I knew if I wanted a different life, I needed to take initiative to make a change. It was a lot of struggle but it wasn’t for nothing. I had no choice but to explore when interviews were conducted in places that I had never been to before. It was worth a try anyway. Some of my friends even told me how tough it was to be an engineer, as if trying to change my mind. They made me think twice but I still chose to stick back to engineer line in the end. I thanked them for their frankness.

 I found out how terrifying it could be to stay out of my comfort zone. That is also why people are reluctant to try new stuff. They have the mindset that they won’t be able to do well and should remain in their status quo. Someone told me – the biggest failure is the failure of not trying. Almost 95% of the people around me are those who have tendency to stay in their comfort zone. Of course, everyone has the freedom to decide for their life. I just feel that one shouldn’t lose himself because he is too scared to try or change his life. Anyhow, I managed to jump out of my comfort zone and overcome the challenges I met. Another revolution *peace*

 I chat with one of my coursemates yesterday. I was sad to find that he’s still the way he was back in university. Stay the same in a bad way; negative, can’t take criticism, think high achievers in studies/works are mere moron, conservative, sarcastic. My good intention to make him realize that the world is cruel and we should try our best to do what we can. In the end, I was criticized as a dreamer, not understanding and a nerdy that will eventually become a failure in the future. Sigh…some people remain the same in a stupid way. Is it wrong to hope for something good to happen? Is it wrong to try my best in what I do? Is it wrong to want to have a better life? Is it wrong to have faith in myself? Is it wrong to want to strive higher? NO, IT ISN’T. I don’t need people to agree with me, I don’t need people to approve what I do, I don’t need people to tell me what to do, I don’t need people to judge me. Shouldn’t everyone become  a supporter rather than a demotivator to his friend?

 I got offer to become project engineer in MOX and will commence in Dec, I don’t know whether it will be a good job for me. I have taken this road, there is no turning back. All in all, I do not regret doing my current job, it’s just another path I took in my life and it’s as bored as a straight, endless highway and I don’t like it.

I do not know where this path will lead me, but I know I need to have faith in myself. Keep trying and give my best in whatever I do. I believe I will do fine 😀



  1. rina said,

    Dear sam, remember me? Hehe.. Haven’t been commenting here in ages. Oh well, anyway, just read this post, and only now knowing that you’re resigning from your current job.

    First things first, congratulations on making the decision. It’s extremely hard to decide the next course of your life, especially if it means getting out of our comfort zone, but you’ve made it. I’ve always believe that if we really want something, that its our job to strive for it.

    You know what you want, and you decide in accordance to that. Don’t worry about other people at this point. This is your life, and it’s you that is living it, not others. Therefore, what other people said should be a guidance (and taken with a pinch of salt, as other people experiences different surroundings and have different personal perspectives), and help you in making your decision.

    With that said, good luck okay.

    • sam said,

      hey irina,

      how can i forget u 🙂
      thank you for your sincere wishes and support.
      i wish u all the best too 😀
      don’t worry, we’ll be fine..hehe^^

  2. pattirmina said,


    all the best in your new career! one thing i can tell you, working in engineering field has its challenges but if you take it positively, it’ll turn out into something that you’ll really enjoy doing. hope you’ll love your new job. my best wishes goes to you. *hugs!

    • sam said,


      thank you for your support
      yeah, i will take everything positively and gain more experiences.
      read your blog yesterday.
      glad to find out that you enjoy your work very much.
      you are our supergirl !!!

      *hugs back

  3. sammy said,

    hi..!sam how are u 2dy hpe u alwz b fne.

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