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August 21, 2009 at 6:04 am (Uncategorized) (, )

It’s been quite some time huh.



Recently my car was hit by a RapidKL bus. The driver just went off without giving a damn with what he had done. I called the LPKP to file a complain on the bus driver. They told me to make a police report so that they could proceed with my complain. Curiously, I asked whether I would get any compensation if I follow their advices. They told me, at most, the driver will get a summon and compensation for the damage I suffered would be very unlikely to happen. No wonder the driver drove off without giving a shit. I seriously and sternly advise RapidKL or whosoever involved in handling these cases to revise their standard operating procedure. I believe there are a lot of victims like me out there, who voiced out but are ignored.

Third week into working life now….Everything is going well. I am perfectly fine. My bosses kinda have high expectation on me and I am trying very hard to perform well. I know, there’s only one chance and I can’t afford to screw up.

Life is normal. Other than working, I really can’t control how stuffs are to happen.  Sigh, stupid emotions and feelings, and the brain is kinda useless in taking charge of the thinking…Arghh…moodiness is killing me!


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