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I mentioned previously that I was doing research for a company, immediately upon my graduation. During this period, I received a few offers from other companies but I either rejected/delayed their offers because I think it’s only professional to complete my research before I leave. So, I did my best for this research BUT in the end, they didn’t even PAY ME MY SALARY. WHAT THE FUCK!!!

If I knew this would happen, I would have left half way and started working somewhere else. I only put up with them because my prof told me to continue and partly because of professionalism. IN THE END, I GOT NOTHING. DAMN IT!!!

The COO said: Sam macam tak de perkembangan la, gaji dia susah sikit. What the fuck. SHIT! If he care enough to follow my so-called perkembangan, I already did a lot in this research. I put in all my effort. My prof knew that and he was happy with what I did. The COO also said women aren’t flexible and can’t handle important stuff and very difficult to work with. What the fuck. He was talking about his unwillingness to pay me and then discriminate all the women in the world. Fuck up your own life. Your mother is a human with a penis is it???? You came out from a vagina too, ok. He also indirectly insult my prof. I hope he will pay for his arrogance and disrespectful for other gender.

He was late for 3 days during the first month pay. I only got my first pay because I wrote letter to appeal for advance salary, and what the fuck?! I need to write to get advance salary while I was supposed to those damn salary on time. After I got my first pay, the COO assured me that I will get the second month pay on 15th. And now, it’s already 21st. What the fuck! I demanded for my salary twice but I was ignored and still not getting my salary. WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!

Ok, now I really am not getting my salary. Anyone can help me or give me some advice? Do I need a lawyer or what? Shit, I really don’t know what I can do. I AM FUMING!!! AND OH YEAH, FUCK UP YOUR OWN LIFE DUDE ūüėÄ



  1. tim said,

    COO macam tak de perkembangan otak je la, gaji dia banyak tapi otak pakai sikit

    • sam said,

      yes. totally agree with you. what the fuck right

  2. shengwa said,

    Tell Prof to settle this for you. Or else, get a lawyer to sue him, u are sure to win. Worse still, u can snap a pic of his fuck face, enlarge it, and post it in your blog. It’s against labour law and he should know that since he’s a COO, not COCONUT. I also fucking hate this kind of mother fucker who talks cock and know not even shit. Well maybe he eats his own shit, that’s why. Chill.

    • sam said,

      ya, consult prof already. he said he will help me get my salary. i deserve my salary and i don’t understand why am i begging for the damn salary. fuck himself la…

  3. shengwa – backtype | CockBot said,

    […] :: WHAT THE FUCK!!!! […]

  4. pattirmina said,

    uh oh. sammy is furious…..!

    agree with sheng wa, u should talk to your prof about this. after all, you have your rights.

    • sam said,

      i’m not just furious. i’m fucking fuming here!
      yeah, talked to prof. i hope i can get my money soon.

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