Birthday week

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So, my 23rd birthday falls on this week. I prefer to recall what happened on my birthday week rather than birth day. Hey, even Digi’s 50% extra reload bonus works 3 days before and after your birthday so that you can get reload bonus within your birthday week 😀

Last Monday, a friend of mine came from Johor for an interview in KL. She called me out to meet up and then treated me to see a movie. I decided to watch State of Play coz the movie was acted by all-time famous actors Russell Crowe and Ben Affleck, so I thought it would be nice. It was ok la, many funny scenes. It wasn’t draggy although the movie was about 2 hours, quite long for a non-action packed movie.

#1 I rate it 7/10

#1 I rate it 7/10

After movie Jia Ning and Shiau Loh joined us for pizza at Domino’s. We had a great time eating and gossiping and chatting. Each of us had 2 mugs of mushroom soups and we left the shop with bloated stomachs. LOLs. They treated me pizza and told me it was a birthday dinner treat for me. Aww…it’s so sweet.

Some of my friends had already wished me even before the big day and I would like to thank each and everyone for their sincere wishes. It felt great that at least someone remembered your birthday and they wished coz they cared. Yok Chuin called me all the way from Singapore and we had a small talk. I was kinda touched as the phone bills aren’t cheap for long distance calls. After all, no matter how independent a person is, he/she still needs friends and family…

I was kinda in a good mood today as it was my big day. Unfortunately, work goes on. I spent the whole morning studying US patents and afternoon typing report. Research was going nowhere and I needed to use up every cell in my brain to figure out a way to overcome those shitty problems. I am not gonna complain about it coz I chose to accept the job. Well, in the day I wished that time would pass by faster and sooner as I was anticipating to see a movie in cinema. Transformer 2 was a big hit and everyone was talking how awesome the movie was, so I gave it a shot.

Overall, the movie was good. But me thinks it was a bit overpacked with actions. But thanks to the big screen, I could still manage to see the transformations. When I was in the middle of the movie, I had a thought that the director were rushing to show the audiences what would happen next. I thought he could exaggerate on some scenes. It’s an action movie, it won’t be draggy if you drag on some part, but of course, with nice actions.

#2 I rate it 7.5/10

#2 I rate it 7.5/10

Undeniably, it was still a good movie after all 🙂

After movie, I bought myself 2 pieces of cakes. Hey, what’s birthday without cake or cakes or a nice dinner. Still I couldn’t have a nice dinner, I bought 2 pieces of cakes instead. First cake was for the cake itself and second cake was to compensate the nice dinner that I missed 😀

#3 sure fire of secret recipe cakes :D

#3 sure fire of secret recipe cakes 😀

#4 chocolate indulgence for The Chocolate Lover

#4 chocolate indulgence for The Chocolate Lover

#5 carrot slice

#5 carrot slice

I felt 2 kg fatter after eating these cakes 😦 so long for a joyous and happy birthday huh?


#6 guess what? *excited tone*

#6 guess what? *excited tone*

I bought a present for myself

#6 it was a wallet :D

#7 it was a wallet 😀

This is to take over the role of my old, worn out wallet. 5 minutes in the shop and I bought this wallet. I guess I was a little desperate for a new wallet eh. LOLs…

I still have 2 stuffs I would like to get for myself, a pair of court shoes and a nice handbag. I went to Nose last Monday but couldn’t seem to get myself a pair of nice court shoes. I had 2 potential choices but both had their pros and cons, so I decided to buy none of them. The male promoter kept looking at my feet as I was posing in front of Jia Ning and Fong Lin to ask for their opinions. I was kinda embarrassed. Well, I hope I can get a pair soon 😀

Jia Ning told me there was sales in MNG, so I went to MNG in hope to get a nice handbag but to no avail. It was crowded with crazy young ladies and I couldn’t get my eyes on any bags as it was scattered all over the racks. Later, too..

Okay, it might seem a bit pathetic to buy present for oneself during one’s birthday. But I don’t think like that. I felt great to be able to buy presents for myself. I could earn and get something for myself, this further assure me that I’m an independent young lady, don’t I? 😀

And guess what..

#8 birthday cum graduation gift from my sis

#8 birthday cum graduation gift from my sis

hehe^^ thanks jie, for the watch…

And also

#9 A KEY!!!

#9 A KEY!!!

This is not an ordinary key. It’s not a pendant, like those moms give to their daughters who turn 21 years old. It’s not a key to a car nor a house. It’s a key to the padlock of a house…How great is that???? 😀

Actually I am currently staying in my junior’s house, and the padlock has been giving me some hard times. The other guys in the house said my key was spoilt, that’s why I couldn’t unlock the padlock without a few torturing gestures. A guy in the house lent me his key for the moment. So, I hope it would be hassle-free to get into and out of the house then.

Well, that’s about my celebration week…Would blog again if I were to celebrate with some other friends in the future 🙂

Okay, I’m off to organise stuffs in my new wallet 😀

Thanks everyone for everything.



  1. shengwa said,

    oh i missed your birthday huh? happy belated birthday, wasn’t able to get access to the internet, equatorial penang cut throat for internet. so F that and moreover i didn’t have time to go online also. So happy belated birthday yar.

    • sam said,

      thanks 🙂 it’s the same wishing me here 😀
      equatorial so F up one ah…5-stars konon.

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