Strawberry treat!

June 10, 2009 at 11:44 am (Uncategorized) (, , , , )

One of my colleagues went to Cameron Highlands the other day. She bought a box of strawberry and treat all of us in the lab 😀

#1 cute little strawberry

#1 the cute little strawberry

I had three 😀

#2 third time is always a charm...hehe^^

#2 third time is ALWAYS a charm...hehe^^

I wasn’t always a big fan of strawberry as the local strawberry is kind of sourish (oh! i love sweet foods). I heard imported strawberries are much sweeter and taste better. Anyway, I’ll take what I get 🙂

Life is normal although research doesn’t go smoothly as I wanted it to be. This is expected and predictable, from the moment I accepted the job. Pressure from up (Prof.) and outside (the company) and inside (ME!!) Seriously, earning money IS NOT EASY. Well, these are some of the drawbacks. Looking to the dimmest bright side, I have a job, I have lotsa freedom from this job and plus the people are helpful & nice 🙂

Results are coming out tomorrow, I’m kinda scared actually. Scared that I won’t get some As. *fingers crossed* Should I check the results tonight???


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