The arrogant one

June 8, 2009 at 12:40 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

All proton perdana drivers are arrogant, stuck up drivers. Okay, this might a little bit too subjective. But, so far, the proton perdana drivers I met were arrogant, stuck up drivers. Sounds better eh. Wth. Why are they so proud of themselves? Okay, proton perdana is one of the more expensive local cars and those who could afford it have deep pocket, somewhat. But this don’t give them a reason to be so snobbish, well, maybe the people around them give them the green light to do so. Still, I totally disagree this low-mannered of theirs.

In my journey of life, I met some arrogant people too. I could categorised arrogant people into 2 types.

Type 1: rich arrogant and Type 2: mental arrogant.

Type 1: Not all rich people are arrogant but rich arrogant people are rich people. Why are they being so arrogant? Because they are FREAKING RICH! That’s why.

Type 2: Mental arrogant. Why do I call them mental arrogant? Because it’s related to their state of mind. They think they are freaking better than others, far more superior, far more perfetto than others. Some think they are born pretty and handsome, so they take the advantage of it. Some think they are born smart and clever, so they take advantage of it. Some think they are better in some skills, so they are proud, insulting others in every little single way just to prove they are better. Some can’t accept what the people around them do, so they insult others in every little single way just to prove they are right. Now you know why I categorised them as mental arrogant? Coz they are so mentally-obsessed with what they acquire and their innate ability. Those are God’s gift, don’t brag about it or despise others because of it. God can give you those things, He could take it back anytime too.

Be humble and let others enjoy what they have. Thank you reading and my deepest apology for hurting whom it may concern.



  1. nucleonsandcheese said,

    i hope all rich ppl become wealthy, all arrogant rich ppl become poor.. wahahahaa

    • sam said,

      wei budak wan kat, buat kacau in my blog.
      so, you agree with my idealistic and logical theory la 🙂

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