I am satisfied, for now

June 4, 2009 at 8:01 am (Uncategorized) ()

Coming to fac at 8.30 a.m. during the weekdays has been a habit now. I met quite some people that I know in fac now and then. Whenever I bumped into some acquaintances, close enough to call them my friends, this conversation would come into live.

Friends : hey.

Me : hi *smiling*

Friends : haven’t completed your thesis?

Me : Submitted already.

Friends : huh?! Why are you still here?

Me : I am doing research for my prof.

Friends : oh, master…

Me : not exactly

Friends : I thought you submitted thesis. what then?

Me : research for just a couple of months

Friends : going to take master?

Me : I’ll consider after the research

Friends : then? Looking for job?

Me : yeah

Friends : you get pay for research ah?

Me : yeah, RA’s salary

Friends : not bad wert

Me : *smile*

Yep, I am currently doing research for my prof. No, the salary is not high. Yes, it just a temporary job.

I kinda enjoy what I am doing right now. I can do whatever pleases me as long as I produce results. It also gimme the time to slowly search for job that I want. It gives me too much freedom to do what I desire, which is perfetto 🙂

I have long lunches, where I spend 20 minutes eating and the rest of the time reading novels and looking for jobs and walking up and down. I can go back early when I finish the job for the day. The title is even nicer to say or merely to hear it: research engineer. Lols

I got lonely sometimes though. I comprehend, this is just a process, a stage where things change, I hope for good. *fingers crossed* I somehow feel that I wasn’t as lazy as I used to be. I am more determined now. I somehow see a direction or goal in life, but very vaguely. I hope the mist that blurred my visions can disappear soon.



  1. pattirmina said,

    hey sam.
    whr u hang around if u go to fac?
    im still in ukm also. hehe. done my thesis already but i just hang around here for the moment.

    will accompany you if i go to faculty lah if u feel lonely. 🙂

    • sam said,

      aww…thanks patt. that’s sweet :3

      i stay in my lab. mentang mentang lah everyone is gone, so i stay with the master and phd students in my lab.

      when are you gonna start working?

      • pattirmina said,

        i’ll be reporting to work on July 1st.

  2. sam said,

    running out of reply link already. lols.
    that’s great 😀
    everyone starts work on 1st June, you 1st July. cool eh 🙂

    • pattirmina said,

      haha. you can change the comment setting. maximum is up to 10 replies. 😀

      • sam said,

        oh. i see. (o.O)
        cool eh 🙂

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