it makes me crack

May 17, 2009 at 8:17 am (Uncategorized) ()

I attended a career fair at PWTC last Friday. Chee wei, Sohuen, Ching yin and I went to the career fair together. It was an impromptu decision. Whenever I make a decision on the spur of moment, it always ended up frustrating.

I was kinda disappointed as there weren’t many companies that offered jobs for chemical engineering fresh grad. A lot of companies turned us down when they heard we were majoring in chemical engineering field.

Chemical engineering was a course that needed higher pointer to get compared to other engineering courses but in the end, the most number of unemployed engineering fresh grad was from chemical field. Wth!

So, half a day was wasted. I treasure my time and I detest it when it’s wasted like that.  Walking in pointed shoes increased my agony. Seeing some of my coursemates who already got quite some good offers freaks me out.

Anyway, after that, Chee wei and I had vegetarian food at a shop in Kepong. Everything cost only 2 bucks, vegetarian chicken rice, vegetarian pan mee, vegetarian wantan mee, you name it. After that we went for dessert at Mill Wheel.

Mill Wheel

Mill Wheel

Mango snow

Mango snow

big wok of chocolate mixed milk tea snow

big wok of chocolate mixed milk tea snow

Superlicious 😀

At least good and cheap food in a conducive environment compensate for the disappointing career fair. On the way back, we got lost.

Chee wei intended to go back to Jalan Ipoh and then to back to UKM as he wasn’t familiar with Kepong. Mana tau, Jalan Ipoh directs to highway to Ipoh. He turned and turned and turned and ended up in Rawang. I LOL when I saw “selamat jalan” sign, sure fire sign of getting farther from Selangor/KL and nearer to who knows where. He turned again and this time we saw Batu Caves, the looooooooooooooooooong stairways and the big golden statue. I attempted to take some pictures of it but to no avail. I was either being blocked by cars or buildings. This was my best shot although it sucks a big hell of time. Please overlook the gigantic ad board and pay attention to the statue behind it 🙂

the hidden Batu Caves

the hidden Batu Caves

He turned and turned again and finally we were back on the correct track. We both agreed that it was not that bad to get lost. At least we were that near to Batu Caves, our greatest discovery of the day. Everyone would be shocked at our jakun-ness when we saw Batu Caves as we shouted and I bet the frequency of my high-pitched voice was beyond the acceptable level set by WHO.

Engineering jobs are hard works. To me, engineering is nothing more than being a kuli i.e. cheap labour. Girls should never be engineers, no matter how tough a girl is, she can never stands on the same par with a male engineer. People see a female engineer as a weak engineer. Whoo, a big disadvantage here. I REGRET TAKING ENGINEERING COURSE, IRONICALLY IT WAS MY FIRST CHOICE.

Quote of the day:

You are the worst bitch because you are not as poisonous as others.

Ps: quoted by KF and applicable ONLY on me. It’s another saying that I’m a nice person. Hehe^^



  1. mengher said,

    dun so fast gv up ..
    like wat u told me …k ??
    jia you .. i believe u can get a job soon …

  2. nucleonsandcheese said,

    wei.. dont always quote me la.. ppl might think i’m mad. haha

    • sammy said,

      your quote is very applicable in daily life, why not 😉

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