4 years of beauty & youth

May 12, 2009 at 3:22 am (Uncategorized) (, )

I’m back to Bangi a.k.a the dead town again. I submitted my thesis last Monday. Everyone knows thesis is a determination work, whether one can grad or not. I proudly announce that, I CAN FINALLY GRAD NOW!!! 🙂 Allow me to show off

#1 The Green Book

#1 The Green Book

#2 :)

#2 🙂

4 years spent on this degree course. Nope, it’s not wasted. I’ve gained something, vaguely…



  1. pattirmina said,

    sam, ccongrates!

    i haven’t jilid mine yet. sigh~

  2. sammy said,

    thanks patt 🙂
    don’t worry, you will, soon!

  3. faithkam said,

    congratulations!!!!!! finally!!!!!!!!!!! u graduate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. sam said,

    thanks ps 😀

  5. tim said,

    jom la konvo

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