Going home

May 7, 2009 at 8:51 am (Uncategorized) (, )

Went back to Johor last Friday. The decision was made on the spur of moment. It was super jam on the highway, starting from bangi tol up to seremban tol.

jam along the highway on the way to JB

jam along the highway on the way to JB

some impatient drivers chose to use the emergency lane

some impatient drivers chose to use the emergency lane

I don’t understand why does the highway jam so much when there’s public holidays. Is it because of the management’s lack of efficiency or too many fast lane wannabe and block other cars?

Anyway, I took some pictures of the roads and trees and bridges while I was driving.





It was just some random shots. Since I have a camera and I can drive with one hand only, another hand is left unoccupied. So why not šŸ˜€

My mom and I attempted to make gwai ling kou but failed on first trial. My mom complaint to my sister that I was the culprit. So, she shoo-ed me out of her kitchen. She managed to make delicious gwai ling kou in the end, without my help. Ok, so I’m trouble of all troubles now šŸ˜¦


home made gwai ling kou

Home is always the best. I was reluctant to come back to Bangi but I had to as I needed to meet my supervisor to finish up my thesis.

Everything is done now. I can submit my thesis next Monday. YAY! Will help my lecturer to do research. The research work will commence next week, for a duration of 2 months. I still consider myself jobless. I really hope I can get myself employed soon.

I love holidays but long holidays drag my life down the drain. I do nothing but eat, sleep and watch drama everyday making me feel that I’m useless. Eh, I am out of topic already.

It’s sad to come back to Bangi but it’s great that I’m going back to Johor this Friday again. Haha. When someone has got nothing to do, one will spend time travelling here and there. šŸ˜€



  1. mengher said,

    but guai ling gou makan sendiri la.. no ajak šŸ˜› …

    hehe … see u tis sat …!!!

    • sammy said,

      you come to my house, i belanja u la…
      yeah, see u tomorrow!

  2. smashpOp said,

    balik kampung!

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