Internetless life

April 30, 2009 at 3:48 am (Uncategorized) (, , )

My house’s internet was terminated yesterday. This is one of the bad consequences when exams are over. Sigh, I kinda feel sad about it.

  • No more boo-ing my friends on facebook
  • no more stalking leng chais on facebook
  • no more blog hopping
  • no more Webster-ing
  • no more chatting on MSN
  • no more youtube-ing

My life used to revolved around the internet although streamyx sucks a big hell of time.

Yesterday night, I took out my amplifier, plugged it to my laptop, and turned on the music as loud as I wanted it to be. Ahhh~~~ it felt great listening to musics at the volume of my desire. Musics will compensate the internet for now.




The mini Super Woofer did a great job at cheering my dull life up

The mini Super Woofer did a great job at cheering my dull life up

Since my house is internetless, I think I’m gonna hone my skill in photography as someone said I suck at taking good pictures. I’ll treat it as my alternate career if no engineering firms want me. hehe^^

This is a pic I took some times ago. I’ve got the potential, don’t I?


Captured a jet flying across the cloudless blue sky

BTW, I had a Volkswagen Golf GTI ride yesterday. It was great. I was mesmerized at its stability even when going at 120 km/hr. It accelerates from a halt to 100 km/hr in like 5 seconds, comfortable leather seats, spacious interior, looks cool on the road, and most importantly fuel economic. Wow! I must work hard and get one myself. Frankly speaking, Germany cars are waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than Japanese cars. Don’t even mention about local cars.

The first car belongs to my friend :)

The first car belongs to my friend 🙂

Tonight is gonna be another unbearable night…Sigh

I think I’m gonna receive complains for playing musics too loud from my neighbours soon.



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