Lunch at Fong Lye

April 10, 2009 at 10:10 am (Uncategorized) (, , , )

I went to KL to settle some stuff today. I also met my sister and she treated me a nice lunch at Fong Lye Restaurant. The restaurant is situated in Jalan Imbi. Fong Lye is a Taiwanese Restaurant and this is not the first time I had my meal at Fong Lye. Nonetheless, this is the first time I ate at Fong Lye in Jalan Imbi. They have another branch in The Gardens.

Fong Lye in The Gardens offers meals in sets while Fong Lye in Jalan Imbi offers foods in ala carte style.

Talking about Fong Lye in Jalan Imbi…

The thing I like the most about this restaurant is their service. I rate their service 5/5. The waiters are really polite and quite attentive, I must say.

The foods were nice. We ordered ordinary fried noodles (I forgot the name), oyster omelette, and fried mixed vege (I forgot the name,too). Didn’t take any picture of the dishes though.

Although it was just an ordinary fried noodles, the taste wasn’t that ordinary at all. I hadn’t had such a delicious fried noodles in a long time. So, two thumbs-up! 🙂 The omelette was all good as well. The chef gave a few whole oysters and the oysters were reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally big. The fried mixed vege was tasty too, comparable to my mom’s cooking. lols. The chef put in a lot of asparagus, water chesnuts, carrots, sweet peas and some crunchy baked nuts on top of it. Overall, the foods were nice 🙂

They also served us tea in delicate tea cups and teapot. I guess they really emphasis on tea art. If you have been to Fong Lye in The Gardens, you should notice that they also serve tea in unique cups and teapot 🙂

The cup and the teapot

The cup and the teapot

my cup :)

my cup 🙂

After we sapu all the foods on the table, they served us with concentrated lemonade in small cups *me thinks it’s lemonade coz of its sweety-sourish taste* It was refreshing.

This branch also has a cosy environment although it’s not as big as the one at The Gardens. All in all, they left me with quite a good impression 😀

I’ll for sure go back and bong chan again 🙂



  1. mengher said,

    i tried b4 at The Garden there… I like the ‘lu ze’ for the rice mix v mice pork ……

    Happy easter day !! ^^

  2. sam said,

    oh I see.
    Let’s go to eat korean food again!

    Happy Easter Day to you 🙂

  3. Kean said,

    oh yes! i went to the one in gardens! the steamboat was superb! ehehhehe. but a bit too pricey i think. how much did it cost u in imbi?:)

  4. sam said,

    eh, didn’t know they have steamboat geh…
    my sis and I spent about 60 bucks there but it was all good coz my sis sponsored everything…

  5. Kean said,

    reli?? cool! haha. muz check out the place some day.:)

  6. sam said,

    yeah…luckily i’m not the elder sister…LOL
    you should check it out~~~ 🙂

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