Facts I learnt in class today

April 9, 2009 at 2:41 pm (Uncategorized) (, , )

I had my final class for this semester today, which was also the final class as an engineering student in UKM. Wow, time flies. Didn’t have much feelings before this. Today, my feelings somehow got disturbed by the fact that I’m going to graduate soon. The feelings were greatly exaggerated when everyone around me started to show some emotions. Emotions of reluctance to end their life as a student. Ending my life as a student means more responsibility to bear and more thinking to be done in the future. Anyway, nothing could be changed. I’m still glad that I’m going to grad soon 🙂

I had a class with Prof Sobri today. He somehow managed to make the class interesting for the students. I would say it’s rather memorable. He sidetracked a bit and told us some fun facts. *I’m kinda glad that he sidetracked* 😀

I’m pretty sure that most of us eat McD at least once every fortnight. Sometimes, when we don’t know what to eat, we eat McD. Sometimes, when we have to eat alone, we eat McD. Sometimes, when we are bored with rice and ordinary foods, we eat McD.

When we don’t wanna sit in McD but wanna eat McD, we take away. When we are on a journey and buy McD on the way, we take away. When we wanna eat McD without having to step out of the house, we call for delivery. If you are concern enough, you will realise that McD staffs would put everything inside a brown-coloured paper bag when we take away or call for delivery.

First fact I learnt in class today: brown colour paper bag is made from cheapest type of paper because it’s either recycled or made from tree without going thru the bleaching process.

We pay so much money everytime we ‘bong chan’ McD and I couldn’t believe that they are giving us the cheapest paper bag. I know, it’s more environmental friendly bla bla bla. Actually, I’m not mad or got offended, just zadou-ed. McD is more expensive and unhealthy compare to ordinary foods and all we get is cheap brown-coloured paper bag. Just my humble opinion 🙂


Have you ever wonder why lorries and pickups have bigger steering wheels compare to ordinary cars? This question kinda hit me when Prof Sobri asked us in class today. Something I see everyday but don’t have the slightest idea why they were made this way.

The first answer that came into my mind: *interior monologue~Because lorries and pickups are bigger in size*. I presume this is the answer a kid/a random auntie you could find in pasar/someone who hasn’t really study physics would give. Wth, after four years of engineering education, I still think like them. Mortifying 😩

Second fact I learnt in class today, which was the answer from Prof Sobri: Because lorries and pickups have bigger wheels. Bigger steering wheels give bigger rotation and hence compensate for the size of the wheels.

*interior monologue again~Wow! so technical, so pro*. What have I done in these four years? Mortifying and shameful.

Quote from Simon Cowell: Atrocious.

I have atrocious general and technical knowledge. (-.-”’)


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