Welcome Note

April 2, 2009 at 6:10 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , )


I’m not a president nor a princess but I’m gonna commence this blog with a ‘Welcome Note’ or whatsoever people normally use to welcome other people. Hehe^^

I decided to shift from Blogspot to WordPress just a moment ago. Without any hesitations, I signed up for an account in WordPress. Hmm…Wordpress is still kinda new to me and I’m not quite used to all the interfaces or the functions yet. Never mind, I believe I will be an expert in no time due to my ability in discovering new stuffs (more to my retardedness in clicking everything randomly) *winks*

I think I need to move on and decided to have this new blog and bid farewell to my old blog. Humans are constantly evolving and so do I. Will be graduating real soon. I presumed that I’m going to reach a new level in life.

A student’s life is coming to an end and a whole new life with a whole new identity is just about to begin. I’m eagerly anticipating this new life to begin. I wonder how will it be. The future is so vague and nobody knows what is going to happen except for the almighty God. It might not be great but I do believe that it’s going to be good🙂

My life has been a miserable one during these 4 years in university. There were so many ups and downs, moments of happiness and sadness, moments of being childish and taking up responsibilities as an adult, moments of togetherness and going apart due to irreconciliable differences. Despite of all the tough times I’ve gone through, these good experiences would make me into a better human when I turn back to look at what I’ve done in the future.

I believe the paths that I’m going to walk in the future may not be easy but will promise me a lot of great stuffs as long as I have faith in whatever I do. It’s getting lengthy and boring, which is the least I want for you guys. So, I’m going to put an end to this Welcome Note.

PS: Do stay tuned. I hope I will improve in blogging 🙂



  1. pattirmina said,

    welcome to the wordpress community!!!


  2. GeR said,

    great !!!!

  3. leprincede1986 said,

    I See Evolution.

  4. samchiaoyen said,

    thanks guys~~~

  5. wyejon said,

    sammy… ur theme is so small leh!

  6. sam said,

    it’s a template, i don’t know how to change it la….:(

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